Simon Osorio

Game Programmer & Designer

ZÚKUTU (2023)


In a dystopian future, trees are almost extinct. Defend the Zúkutu seed from the Zinguilinis in this action-survival tower defense game, and protect the future while allowing the tree time to grow.


This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2023 whose theme was “Roots“.

Project Information

Roles: Programmer | Game Designer

Team size: 6

Time frame: 1 week

Engine: Unity

Involvement & Acquired Knowledge

This was my second time participating in a Game Jam, where I collaborated with a team of five individuals to create an engaging and frenzied game.


As the development lead, I was responsible for managing the game engine, and my key contributions included implementing the main game loop flow, creating the pixelize shader while learning post-processing techniques, implementing the character controller, developing the root screen system and root keyboard selector, setting up each level’s scene, and ensuring game balance.