Simon Osorio

Game Programmer & Designer



Collect cards, build your deck, and duel against other players in this TCG.


IDED Tactics is a Discord bot created as a project, with cards based on the Digital Entertainment Design Engineering community from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

Project Information

Roles: Programmer

Team size: 3

Time frame: 2 months

Engine: Python | Discord API

Involvement & Acquired Knowledge

Game Features:

     – Pull cards to add them to your collection

     – Upgrade your cards you get repeated to make them stronger

     – Build your team based on card types, roles and rarities

     – Duel against your friends or other players in order to get more pulls

     – Try different card compositions, by using different passive skills per role

     – 24/7 game service

Technical Features:

     – Database integration with MongoDB to save player’s data

     – Data cross save between Discord servers the bot are in

     – Main code made using Python, based on API

     – Hybrid commands (slash & prefix)