Simon Osorio

Game Programmer & Designer



Play with your coworkers in this multiplayer online office-inspired arena shooter! Imagine going up against your boss, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can KILL H- hours of stress, of course.


Use weapons designed from office supplies, such as a stapler shotgun-pistol, a machine that sprays coffee, and a printer that shoots ink grenades!

Project Information

Roles: Lead Game Designer | Programmer

Team size: 13

Time frame: 4 months

Engine: Unity | Photon Fusion

Involvement & Acquired Knowledge

During the development of this game, I held a leadership role as the head of the design department. In addition to my responsibilities as a developer, I actively contributed to various aspects of the game’s creation, ensuring a smooth and agile gaming experience while playing Deadline. I collaborated closely with my teammates, lending my expertise to level design, core mechanics, weapon functionality, and overall gameplay design.

Developing this game presented a significant challenge as it marked my first foray into designing and developing an online multiplayer system. As part of my development responsibilities, I spearheaded the implementation of the entire weapon system. This involved individually developing each gun and ensuring their correct integration with the networking system. Being in a lead design position allowed me to continually brainstorm and make necessary refinements throughout the game’s development, including fine-tuning weapon balance, movement mechanics, and level design.

Furthermore, I also contributed as a technical artist, specifically focusing on implementing the VFX that were created for the weapons.

Showcase Teaser

Cinematic Intro