Simon Osorio

Game Programmer & Designer



Live Kanae’s quest for revenge, who wants to find who killed her family, using a blood power granted to her by a cult that adopted and trained her to become who she is.


Go through different themed dungeons where you will sweep through hordes of enemies, fight against fierce bosses, and obtain legendary weapons.

Project Information

Roles: Lead Programmer | Game Designer

Team size: 8

Time frame: 2 months

Engine: Unity


The story of Chrono Blood takes place in a world “parallel to ours”, set in Europe during the period between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance, where humanity has coexisted since ancient times with mythical-fantastic beings that inhabit an underground set of caves, tunnels, and catacombs called the “world of depths”. Now, after centuries since the fall of the ancient elven and dwarven cities, it is infested with all kinds of monsters and dangerous creatures that have come straight out of hell, wandering freely among the ruins and remains of long-forgotten civilizations, searching for unwary explorers and plunderers who dare to venture into the depths in search of relics and treasures.

In this world, magic exists, but it is rare and highly coveted. For humans to access it, it depends exclusively on extremely rare genetic mutations or on complicated and demanding pacts with “spiritual” entities during the gestation stage. Therefore, those who have the gift and curse of possessing some kind of supernatural power are enveloped in a halo of mysticism, power, fear, and even rejection, as they are often used as weapons and instruments by those who dominate politics and rule society.

Showcase Teaser



Our protagonist, Kanae, was born in a town with a moderate population. However, at a very young age (perhaps 5 or 6 years old), her parents and relatives were killed in an accident (could be a fire, a robbery, etc.) from which she survived thanks to the power that resides in her blood.

Shortly after, she was adopted by a merchant, a friend of her parents, who turned out to be a high-ranking member of a secret/mysterious cult (which initially dedicated itself to sending its adepts deep into the depths in search of relics and artifacts that would allow them to fulfill their own objectives). It was the members of this cult who took care of Kanae’s upbringing, education, food, and subsequent training from the moment of her adoption.

17 years have passed, and now Kanae is a fierce and fervent acolyte of the cult who has stood out among the explorers who venture into the depths in order to gain enough strength and power to find her family’s killers, exact her long-awaited revenge, and in the process pay her “blood” debt to the cult.