Simon Osorio

Game Programmer & Designer

BEE CORP (2022)


Reproduce bees in order to work for you, producing honey. Grow your farm through the honey you collect, to achieve having more bees, better buildings, and more honey.


Get different skins for your bees! There are different types: common, rare, and super rare.

Will you be able to collect them all?

Project Information

Roles: Lead Programmer | Game Designer

Team size: 5

Time frame: 4 months

Engine: Unity

Involvement & Acquired Knowledge

I led this project as the producer, participating as the lead developer, mainly focused on gameplay development and design. I learned how to manage a mobile project using the Google Play Console, including Unity Ads and analytics.

In terms of game design, I contributed the main idea for the game, the application’s core loop, and the gacha system.

For game development, I figured out the core mechanics such as camera movement, buildings (including the upgrade system), skills, and the gacha system, all of which are connected to the real-time automatic save-file manager. Additionally, I worked on general game optimization to ensure better performance.

Showcase Teaser