Simon Osorio

Game Programmer & Designer

BABY BOOM (2024)


Babies’ powers are hidden behind their laugh. Even shooting lasers… yeah.
Shake a little child and enjoy destroying everything on your path!


This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2024 whose theme was “Make me laugh“.

Project Information

Roles: Programmer | Game Designer

Team size: 11

Time frame: 1 week

Engine: Unity

Involvement & Acquired Knowledge

This was a very interesting challenge we took as a team where I participated in the design and led the development department. We had to make a game within 48 hours, but this year’s theme was a bit rough in order to stand out. 


Baby boom has different components such as semi-procedural level generation, different enemies, an FPS-like mechanics, and a funny mechanic in order to make the baby laugh (well… reload it?). The limit time was the biggest challenge to make all those mechanics, merge everything, and let the beast born.


This game was developed by the team of Foolish Incorporated. 


Showcase Teaser

Cinematic Intro (Pending)